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This is the CareTracker main menu that includes links to the following information.

Work with Residents - Add, change or delete residents. Print resident reports. View resident schedules and assessments.

Work with Staff - Add, change or delete staff members. Print staff reports. Review assessments made by a specific staff member.

View any Report - View any CareTracker report.  This includes Category, CareAlert, Management and System Setup Reports.

Run Kiosk - Run CareTracker Kiosk application.

Import Series or Reports - Import series or reports from the Resource Systems catalog or from a file

Change Scheduling Information - Add, change, or delete assessment groups, assessment times.

Current Compliance - View current shift compliance percentage by location.

Message Center - This is where messages can be created and viewed.

Run Late Entry Kiosk - This Kiosk will allow you to enter assessments that were missed.

Setup Information - Add, change or delete resident status, rooms, locations, and categories.  Add, change or delete staff categories.  Install Acrobat Reader Software.